Clare Murray Adams
di·ver·gence:  1. Drawing apart from a common point; diverging. 2. Departing from convention. 3. Differing from another as in a divergent opinion.
“Divergence” is an installation of organic, sculptural forms created by Susan McClelland and Clare Murray Adams as a point of departure in the common ground of fiber work that exists for the two artists.  Using the embroidery/quilting hoop as one of their points of departure the two artists started their work with this form as the underlying structure of the resulting fiber pieces. 
Both artists work with fiber and fabrics in their own art practices.  They came together for this project with the idea of sharing materials but working independently on the sculptures, thus creating another point of departure.  As the work developed the original form became deconstructed and reinvented.  “Divergence” demonstrates the generation of several possible solutions to a problem, each unique and harmonious.
Meeting throughout the creation of the work, Susan and Clare were interested in seeing the common aspects of their individual pieces as well as the differences.  Color became one of the elements that helped to unify the work.  While the artists did not work on each other’s pieces, they did share materials to contribute to the unity of the overall installation.  The shape of the installation is various taking on a different form depending upon the space of the gallery in which it is hung.
Viewers are invited to walk among the sculptures, to peer inside the forms, and view the installation from many vantage points.
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